The floating islands were torn apart, causing the lighthouse's power supply to be destroyed. Your task is to reconnect the broken parts of the main island to it in order to restore the energy supply. Without the light of the lighthouse, the travelers of the Heavenly People will forever be lost and disoriented.


Shattered Skies is a contribution for the Mini Beans Jam and was made within 48 hours. The updated versions contain minor improvements and bugfixes - the original version (1.0) is still available though. The exact changes are listed in the devlog.


  • Maneuver your glider through roaring air currents!
  • Make use of the wind portals to refill the ancient power stones with energy!
  • Unite the scattered fragments of the floating isle!


There are currently no trailers available for Shattered Skies. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


Awards & Recognition

  • "Minibeans Jam" 1st place in the categories "Overall Rating", "Graphics", and "Atmosphere"; 2nd place in the categories "Gameplay" and "Polish"; 3rd place in the categories "Innovation" and "Sound"

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Shattered Skies Credits

Sebastian Kuehn
Game Design, Programming, Level Design, Technical Art
Josef Buchner
Game Design, Programming
Andreas Moder
Programming, VFX
Johannes Monsch
Environment Art
Stephanie Dietzel
Character Art
Tim Keil
Environment Art
Ulrich Christian Merckens
Composing, SFX