Sleeprunner Studios is a team of game developers based in Bayreuth, which has set itself the goal of developing games for PC and consoles. Aside from game development the studio is open to commissional work in the areas of 3D visualization, simulation, and software development.


Even before the company was founded, the team of five people worked on various game projects together. This applies to both participating in a variety of Game Jams and the development of several student projects. In the course of their graduation the team set up and founded Sleeprunner Studios, making their shared childhood dream come true. One of the projects mentioned was called Eremic and it was exhibited at several events, including the Nuremberg Digital Festival and Devcom 2019, where it could bring in a lot of positive feedback. Right now the team is working on a Roguelite Action RPG called Downfall Hearts. The project was awarded 100.000,00 Euro in funding by the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern and as of now is in its Prototyping phase.



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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Sebastian Kuehn
Co-Founder, CEO, Creative Director
Josef Buchner
Co-Founder, Software Engineer, Game Designer
Andreas Moder
Co-Founder, Software Engineer
Johannes Monsch
Co-Founder, Artist, VFX, Marketing
Tim Keil
Partner, Technical Artist