The cozy Toad Village is plagued by a sinister threat: rivers are drying up and the mighty trees are dying. Even the warty residents are getting sick and no one can say why. It's up to you to unravel the mystery. In Trail of Toads you play as Kaeru and your task is to find the root of the corruption. Trail of Toads is a 3D Platformer / Collectathon with a unique story and quirky characters. As toad you can make use of your sticky tongue to grapple around and reach otherwise unattainable heights. You can also dash, jump, stomp, slide and smack enemies to reach your goal.



  • OLD-SCHOOLISH COLLECTATHON: Collect like it’s 1998 in an atmospheric world, riddled with traps and secrets. Gather as many collectibles as possible to unlock new ways, Power-Ups, and story-bits.
  • TONGUE-GRAPPLING: No tree is too high and no chasm is too deep. Explore vertical levels and reach unfathomable heights with your sticky tongue.
  • JOY OF DISCOVERY: Explore three unique worlds which can be accessed through a network of roots. Jump and grapple freely around and discover new adventures around every corner.
  • SLAP-A-THON: Slap the soul out of every corrupted foe that gets in your way. Make wacky combos and battle your way through a variety of enemy types.
  • SPIRITED STATUES: If you find one of the legendary toad statues, it may have a long-forgotten secret to reveal. Listen to the enthralling legends among toad-lore.




Awards & Recognition

  • "Champion Jam 1st Place" International Game Jam

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Sleeprunner Studios is a team of game developers based in Bayreuth, which has set itself the goal of developing games for PC and consoles. Aside from game development the studio is open to commissional work in the areas of 3D visualization, simulation, and software development.
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Trail of Toads Credits

Sebastian Kuehn
Game Design, Programming, Level Design, Technical Art
Josef Buchner
Game Design, Programming
Andreas Moder
Programming, VFX
Johannes Monsch
3D Art
Tim Keil
Animation, Programming, Technical Art
Gregor Sönnichsen
Narrative Design, Writing, Programming
Matthias Riegler
Music, Composition
Emmanuel Fitz
SFX, Sound Design
Michelle Nims
Additional Level Design
Ann-Katrin Keiler
Additional Level Design
Emily Panzer
Character Art
Nils Schwarz
Additional 3D Art