We believe in creating and cultivating strong and memorable IPs. For us, this primarily means that we not only want to create games that impress with their gameplay, but also that they are remembered for their memorable characters and their world building. We are currently trying to lay the foundation for this with our first two commercial game titles, Trail of Toads and Downfall Hearts.

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Icon: Trail of Toads

The village of Toadholm has been blighted and you, as the chosen Toad, must use your platforming skills to find the source of the corruption. Trail of Toads is a quirky 3D Platformer | Collectathon set in a vibrant world riddled with secrets, puzzles, and traps.

Icon: Trail of Toads

Collect like it’s 1998 in an atmospheric world, riddled with traps and secrets. Gather as many collectibles as possible to unlock new ways, Power-Ups, and story-bits.


No tree is too high and no chasm is too deep. Explore vertical levels and reach unfathomable heights with your sticky tongue. Kaeru can use his tongue to grapple, to swing, and to perform a slingshot action.


Explore three unique worlds which can be accessed through a network of roots from the village of Toadholm. Jump and grapple freely around and discover new adventures around every corner.


Aside from the many quirky characters, you can also find legendary toad statues hidden in the world that can reveal long-forgotten knowledge. Oddly enough, only Kaeru can hear their voice …

Icon: Downfall Hearts

Imprisoned in a mysterious, ever rearranging dungeon, you fight for your survival. Will you find a way to free yourself and the remaining knights of the Downfall Hearts Order? Downfall Hearts is a 3D Roguelite Dungeon Crawler with melee combat set in a procedurally generated Dungeon. You play as Joan, a knightess of the Downfall Hearts Order, and your goal is to escape the clutches of the magical dungeon while also trying to free other inmates.