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Trail of Toads

3D Platformer / Collectathon

PC (Windows)



Early Development

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The Forest of Toads has been blighted and you, as the chosen Toad, must use your platforming skills to find the source of the corruption. Trail of Toads is a modern 3D Platformer with its roots deeply tied to the Nintendo 64 era.

The cozy Toad Village is plagued by a sinister threat: rivers are drying up and the mighty trees are dying. Even the warty residents are getting sick and no one can say why. It’s up to you to unravel the mystery. In Trail of Toads you play as Kaeru and your task is to find the root of the corruption.

As toad you can make use of your sticky tongue to grapple around and reach otherwise unattainable heights. You can also dash, jump, stomp, slide and smack enemies to reach your goal.

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