Screenshot: Last Frog Standing

The year is slowly coming to an end, but some things have only just begun.

We are happy to announce that Downfall Hearts received funding from FFF Bayern in June. The project is subsidized with €100,000.00 for the creation of a prototype. We are eternally grateful for the opportunity and trust to create an exciting and fun prototype. The development of the prototype has started in October and it will take ten months. Here you can find a list of all projects which received funding: Funded Projects

The game is a roguelite action RPG set in a mysterious, ever-rearranging dungeon. The knightess Joan Highmore of the Order of Downfall Hearts wakes up in a cell with no memory of the previous events. The goal is to escape the dungeon and to gather information about the whereabouts of the remaining Downfall Hearts. Some of the inmates can be freed and they might to join your cause, but caution is advised: some of them are locked up for a reason.

Aside from the procedurally generated dungeon Downfall Hearts will feature a perk system that will make each escape attempt even more unique. Fleeting Soul Residuals of past inmates can be found in individual chambers of the dungeon, which temporarily give the heroine new abilities and traits.

The game will be developed and implemented from ground up in the new Unreal Engine 5.
We’re excited to use new technologies like Nanite and Lumen. To stay posted, you can follow our social media channels (Twitter, Instagram) or chat with the developers on our Discord server: Discord.

We also have a second announcement.

As some of you may have noticed through our social media channels, we participated and won this year’s Champion Jam organized by Gamejolt and Games/Bavaria. Within a week we developed a 3D platformer with the theme ‘Champion’ called Last Frog Standing, which can now be downloaded via Gamejolt. But we were not entirely alone in this endeavor – we had support from some students from the University of Bayreuth and the Munich sound studio Empyre Audio, who all did a great job.

In the course of the jam, our entry was featured on the Twitch front page, reaching over 70,000 people in total. The fabulous streamers Huebi, Apecast, and Chlooeeeexo took the time to play the top rated games from the Champion Jam.

With all the positive feedback on the game, we decided to expand the game and release it on Steam. The game will feature several new levels, a new story, new adorable characters, and will hence also get a new title: Trail of Toads. We’ve been hard at work on this over the summer, and new information about the game and its release will follow soon.

The Steam page is live already, so you can wishlist the game here:

Until then we wish you all the best – stay healthy!